Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The thing about blogging is...

Well, for starters, there has to be an element of creativity in order to have anything to blog about.
Then, of course, you have to have/find/make the time to put thoughts to computer and end up with a blog post.
The ironic thing is that this blog has a little link in my firefox menu bar (or whatever that thing is called.  I haven't been in a computer class since before blogs were invented!), so I see it and think about it and whoever may be reading every day. 
Today, I clicked on it and saw that the last entry was *gasp* March 28th.  And it wasn't a blog post so much as my notes from the Spring Brunch.

You ever just feel in need of a resurrection?  I think a female Christian artist had a song with that line int it in the past decade. Anyway, this blog is in need of a resurrection.  The passing of death (or near death) to life.  Thanks for your patience as I try to make it happen, and be faithful to the dream of what this blog could be:  a continual source of encouragement, laughter, sharing, caring, growing and leaning on each other in this weird online realm of social community.

So, here we go... let's try this again...

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